A Caribbean paradise !

For lovers of a luxury hotel in a pristine and unique environment in Cuba ... the Iberostar Ensenachos (formerly the Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos). The hotel is located on the island called Cayo Ensenachos in the archipelago North of the main island of Cuba in the « Jardines del Rey » or King's Gardens in English. A quiet and safe place to be.

For those who want to drop out of everything in a bucolic environment without sacrificing the pleasures of good food and premium services. You will not be disappointed of the Iberostar Ensenachos!

Cayo Ensenachos is a tiny island with only two neighbors, Cayo Las Brujas to the west and Cayo Santa Maria to the east. There are two beautiful beaches, Playa Megano and Playa Ensenachos. We know very well these beaches, even before the construction of this resort, which opened its doors in 2006.

Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Las Brujas and Cayo Ensenachos are connected to the main island of Cuba by a causeway (or pedraplen in spanish) of 48 kms. This colossal work took more than ten years (1989-1999) of effort to transport people and cargo to the hotels' area, by minimizing the impact on the environment through as many bridges as there are kilometers of roads. You will find in this region, more than 80 species of native flowers and animals and some are endemic to the « Jardines del Rey ». This makes it a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Sol Cayo Santa Maria is the first hotel to open its doors to this new tourist destination in the province of Villa Clara. Our first visit to the region was in January 2002. An unforgettable experience. Try to imagine kilometers of pristine beach (Cayo Santa Maria) with only one hotel. There are now many hotels on the island of Cayo Santa Maria, but only one in Cayo Ensenachos.

We visited Cayo Ensenachos several times before the construction of the hotel. It was a virgin island accessible only by a sandy trail of about one kilometer from the dauseway. Playa Ensenachos was easier to reach than Playa Megano. It was possible to do nice snorkeling at the place where now is located the Nautical center of the Iberostar Ensenachos. For those nostalgic about these days, click HERE to see some of our photos of Cayo Ensenachos taken in 2002.

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Cayo Ensenachos is the perfect place to relax!

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