Excursion « Scuba Diving »

Price: 45 CUC (see below)

Excursion « Plongée sous-marine »

The bus will pick you up at 8H00 at the lobby to take you to the marina located 10 minutes from the hotel.

Immersions guided by a professional team of divers in areas where the coral reef treasures different varieties of corals, sponges, colorful fish and a wide spectrum of the sea life in the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean. The complete equipment for diving is provided. Amateur divers require free lessons at the hotel's pool. Accepted certifications: PADI, CMAS, NAUI, SSI, FEDAS, ACUC. Ask for more information in our tour desk or your tour representative.

It includes ...

  • FREE Introduction in the hotel pool, required prior to the dive.
  • Full equipment.
  • Certification not required, but the diving will be allowed or not depending on the evaluation of your initiation into the pool.
  • Click HERE to know more about the Marina Cayo Santa Maria (on Cayo Las Brujas).

    Here is the price list ...

    1 dive: 45 CUC (without equipment) 1 dive: 40 CUC (with your own equipment)
    2 dives: 65 CUC (without equipment) 2 dives: 55 CUC (with your own equipment)
    3 dives: 90 CUC 4 dives: 110 CUC
    5 dives: 135 CUC 6 dives: 156 CUC
    7 dives: 175 CUC 8 dives: 196 CUC
    9 dives: 216 CUC 10 dives: 240 CUC


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