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Caibarién is a small fishing village, the last village before entering the causeway of 48 kilometers to get to (1) Cayo Las Brujas, (2) Cayo Ensenachos and (3) Cayo Santa Maria.

Caibarien, Villa Clara, Cuba Caibarien, Villa Clara, Cuba Caibarien, Villa Clara, Cuba

Given the growing number of hotels in the region and there is no housing for employees on the island of Cayo Santa Maria, the Cuban government has decided to construct new buildings to house people who work in tourism, here in Caibarién.

An excellent initiative, as some of those workers remain in the city of Santa Clara and must make the journey of 1 ½ hours every day!

We rented a Jeep to visit this small village. It cost 2 CUC to drive on the causeway. We liked walking in the streets of this small fishing village. It is very quiet and typical to Cuba.

Please note it is better to get back to the hotels before dusk, because the causeway is dark and difficult for driving by car, especially if you are not used to drive by night!

There are good restaurants in the village of Caibarien and Remdios. Do not hesitate, prices are affordable and the food delicious! Since 2001, Cuban are familiar about tourism visiting the town and restaurants in this region.


Informations about Caibarién ...

  • Founded October 26, 1832
  • Commonly called « La Villa Blanca »
  • An area of 425 km2
  • Population of 38,000 inhabitants
  • Miscellaneous informations about Caibarién ...

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  • Info-Weather Caibarién:
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    The hotel development is very important in the region. As the only airport to serve all the hotels is located in the capital, Santa Clara about an hour and half from the hotels, there are many projects to reduce the time including the construction of an international airport here in Caibarién. To be continued ...


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